Clint Eastwood is making a wildlife documentary (and it’s not because of the head of Warner Bros. and critics of his latest film and release)


Clint Eastwood is still working into his 90s and isn’t stopping anytime soon. The legendary actor and director, known for such films as Unforgiven, Gran Torino and The Mule, starred in a documentary about wildlife. However, this has nothing to do with the criticism of the head of Warner Bros. about the release of his latest movie “Macho Scream”.

The 92-year-old director and actor will be a commentator on the new wildlife documentary “Why on Earth”, which focuses on human interaction with nature, wild animals and plants. Phrasebook director Katy Cleary expressed to Fox News her praise for the Western movie star and how this documentary revealed his other side, saying:

He guides us through the whole process. He’s incredible. He’s a big animal lover. So, this movie really just reveals an amazing side to him that maybe many people haven’t seen, namely the compassionate side, especially to animals.

Cleary’s friendship with Clint Eastwood stemmed from her friendship with his daughter Alison Eastwood, as they work closely together and support each other’s charities such as the Eastwood Ranch and Peace 4 Animals. This animal advocate enjoyed watching scenes from Eastwood’s films on his ranch and his interactions with wildlife and his own animals. According to Agrigate Global, the Oscar winner said in an exclusive interview dedicated to the film that he appreciates the beauty of animals, and also sees everything live. It’s amazing what an impact animals can have on a Hollywood legend like Eastwood, who is never afraid to show his resilience.

Since the winner of the Best Director nomination talks about what an animal lover he is, it becomes quite clear that his role in this documentary has nothing to do with how Cry Macho performed. It is reported that the new CEO of Warner Bros. David Zaslav was unhappy with the release of “Crying Macho”, as he was in the process of canceling the production of films that, in his opinion, would not have good box office receipts. He expressed doubt that Cry Macho would work well, and turned out to be right. With Eastwood’s latest film with a budget of $33 million, the neo-Western drama brought in only $16.5 million.

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Cry Macho is being released on HBO Max at the same time. But it showed that the studio did not think it could afford to refuse a high-class actor who in the past gave WB such hits as “Dirty Harry” and “Unforgiven”, as well as the fact that Eastwood never went over budget and made sure that his projects were completed. on time. Critical reviews of Cry Macho also did not deserve praise, as many considered the plot insipid and there was little that could be conveyed to the audience.

“Why on Earth” includes rarely seen footage of people on earth fighting to protect critically important species. This includes endangered orangutans facing rapid deforestation in Borneo and Sumatra, declining shark populations in South Africa, and poaching of nearly extinct African elephants, rhinos, and lions for sale on the black market. Katie Cleary said she hopes people will learn from the documentary that they will be compassionate to nature and learn how to reconnect with the planet.

Clint Eastwood, faced with criticism of the release of Cry Macho, does not prevent him from taking on new projects. Watch this iconic director and actor demonstrate his love for animals in the 2022 film Why on Earth, which hits major streaming platforms on August 16. Cry Macho can now be viewed with an HBO Max subscription.


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