Clinic takes DNA test for personalized skin treatment in RJ


Analysis of genetic factors for the detection and definition of treatments for various diseases is becoming increasingly common, and in Rio de Janeiro, it will soon be available to patients already in their initial skin-related consultations. This Wednesday (6th), Stringhini – Dermatologia Executivo, in partnership with a “renowned laboratory”, announced that it will become the first institution of its kind in Brazil to offer DNA tests to its public.

“We have observed many advances in this regard in various areas of medicine, based on genetic factors for disease prevention and better treatment choices. It is no different in dermatology”, says Simone Stringhini, a doctor at the head of the institution.

“With this resource, we will be able to better understand the patient’s skin structure and identify greater probabilities of diseases, in addition to skin trends. Thus, we will be able to act more assertively with specialized treatments in prevention, preventing the appearance of a disease before it manifest and needs to be treated “, he adds.

Personalization of treatments

According to the clinic, in January of this year, the test can be sent for collection at the patient’s residence or can be done directly in the office. In about 15 days, the results are ready, and the person who requested them is in charge of receiving them directly at home or scheduling an appointment and checking them together with the professional.

“From the test, the consultation will be based on the genetic results to define most of the drug prescriptions and even the treatments in the office, always with the aim of preventing possible skin health problems”, explains Stringhini, also emphasizing the process can even be carried out by those who are undergoing treatments – thus allowing for possible adaptations.

“I believe that this innovation that we are bringing to the dermatological area will improve the treatments, bringing much better results, as we will have even more basis to define paths and prevent diseases”, she concludes.


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