Cliffy Blezhinki Invites Ryan Reynolds to Play Baird in The Game Adaptation of “Gears of War”


Recently, the adaptation of real-time games has become an interesting genre to study. Over the past few years, Netflix has released several cult series and films based on video games, including the popular show “The Witcher”. And recently Netflix acquired the rights to the popular video game series for Xbox Gears of War. In addition, the streaming platform will team up with developer The Coalition and release not only a full-length film, but also an animated series for adults.

And the creator of the game, Cliffy Blesinki, has several offers for Netflix. Although the creator is not directly related to the project, Blezhinki expressed his wishes regarding how he wants popular actors, including Ryan Reynolds, to participate in the project. Here’s all you need to know.

Cliffy Blesinkie voices a selection of actors for Gears of War, including Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds is an incredible actor. Slava Deadpool is one of the most sought—after actors in the industry, and every director wants to involve Reynolds in his film. And with the upcoming Netflix Gears of War project, the creator expressed his wishes. When asked if Reynolds could be part of the Netflix project, Blezhinki revealed how he wants the Deadpool star to play Baird. In a recent tweet , he wrote: “I think @VancityReynolds would be the perfect Baird in a live action #GearsofWar.”

However, Baird is not the main character of the game. Baird is a retired former soldier, a technical mechanic and a scientific expert. In addition, the creator made a hilarious statement that he doesn’t want Chris Pett to participate in a live Netflix adaptation.

In addition, Blezhinki expressed a desire to see WWE star Dave Batista as the main character, also known as Marcus Phoenix. Interestingly, Bautista has been voicing the character for the last few years. There’s been no news lately about the cast of Gears Of War from Netflix. Currently, Ryan Reynolds is preparing for several projects, including “Deadpool 3” and the upcoming musical drama “Energy” for Apple TV+.

Do you think Ryan would be a worthy candidate for the role in Gears of War? Let us know in the comments below.


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