Clid the Snail, The Tale of The Snail That Became a Warrior


We tell you our impressions about Clid the Snail, a Spanish indie work developed by Weird Beluga. This is the story of the snail.Clid the Snail is the first video game from Weird Beluga Studio, a small team based in Madrid made up of five friends united by the passion of this industry. But the trajectory of the Spaniards began somewhat before their collaboration with Koch Media: they were the winners of the fourth edition of the PlayStation Talents awards, an impulse that has led them to gather more strength if possible to reach the moment in which we find ourselves .

At MeriStation we go to its virtual presentation to see first-hand how the proposal is developing, in addition to being able to test its first hours in an anticipated build.

What is Clid the Snail?

Many of you will wonder the nature of Clid the Snail. We are talking about a top down shooter that seeks to get away from the usual adrenaline of the genre to immerse ourselves in a leisurely lead exchange, even more intimate than usual. We did not find flourishes or elements that constantly raise the pace. Perhaps the most appropriate word would be ‘strategic’, since the scenario offers opportunities to take advantage of.

Those in charge explain to us that the project was born from a funny idea: “What happens if we take a snail, give it a human form and make it an action hero in a dark science fiction universe?” The result, as you can see in these lines, leaves us with a charismatic image. With very little they have managed to create an iron identity; once you know it, you know what Clid is in just one quick glance.

The story has a personal background. The context presented to us is a universe where humans no longer exist. In this miniature world, a multitude of animals and insects coexist, which little by little have evolved and formed their own colonies. For reasons that we will not reveal, Clid ends up being exiled from among his companions. The team aims to narrate the experiences of an individual who does not fit in his place of origin, someone who seeks new horizons where he can feel (somehow) alive.

Regarding the gameplay, the team explains that when designing the combat system they wanted to make it “more methodical”, and one of the keys was to reduce, therefore, the pace. They designed the weapons that are very different from each other, in a way that none is mandatory to defeat enemies, but at the same time some are stronger than others against certain archetypes. Although not everything is fighting: there will be moments where we will find small puzzles that bring variety to development.


The playable portion to which we have had access corresponds to the first bars of the game, where we can clarify the most recurring questions that we had before starting. The feel of the control is really good. It is smooth, precise, at the height of what we can expect from a title of this genre. The first enemies act like putty, but they give a glimpse of how the hit boxes work.

One of the elements that most attract our attention is the aura of mystery that the setting transmits. When we talk about dark science fiction, we do it with all the letters. The first levels are gloomy, they convey the loss of hope for a long-known evil. Aim really good.

The structure of Clid the Snail rests on three basic pillars: narrative shooter, methodical combat and miniature exploration along with puzzles of all kinds. Weapons are sometimes the way to complete puzzles. They do not take as much prominence, but their presence is appreciated. The study promises that the duration of the adventure reaches between 8 and 10 hours.

When will it arrive? Very soon. On PS4 it will arrive sometime in the remainder of summer, while on PC it will debut at a later date in 2021.


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