Clid The Snail, Analysis. The Snail, Dragging, Reaches The Summit


Clid The Snail: The winners of PlayStation Talents 2019 land on PS4 and PS5 with their first title, a dual stick starring a snail armed to the core. The development of video games in Spain continues to grow year after year with the most varied and original proposals, with titles of all genres on compatible and consoles. And good proof of this is this new double stick adventure by the young Madrid studio Weird Beluga Studio, winners of the 2019 edition of PlayStation Talents with the game at hand, Clid the Snail, and which finally reaches PlayStation consoles. And the premise of his debut film could not be more striking, breaking into the competitive genre of dual stick shooters with an adventure starring a moody anthropomorphic snail and his inseparable company in the form of a talking firefly. Of course, the combination could not be more original; We reviewed Clid the Snail following its arrival on the PS Store for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with an upcoming release on PC via Steam.

Clid, a snail of arms to take

The premise of Clid the Snail is so unique, since it plunges us into a dark and melancholic universe from the point of view of humanoid animals capable of speaking. We control Clid, a snail with legs and arms with very bad fleas that is expelled from its gastropod settlement due to its dangerous and repeated incursions into enemy territory, that of the slugs, evil beings that, according to Clid, are getting closer and closer. more to your home for unfriendly purposes. Be that as it may, we will be forced into exile through the most remote and threatening places from the point of view of a snail with legs together with his friend Belu, ending every living creature that crosses our odyssey.

From here a plot opens in which we will delve too deeply not to ruin surprises but which will be interesting enough to keep our attention and not be tempted to skip the many dialogues between Clid and the generous parade of characters, through each more picturesque, with which we will cross. By the way, with the texts in perfect Castilian with voices in a language invented for the occasion. Its development is completely linear with a series of missions that will be given to us from a certain location as a base, where we can access improvements to weapons, equipment and more. In essence, Clid the Snail is a double stick shooter with an elevated camera, although with a very personal rhythm and development, far from the names that may come to mind such as Alienation, Nex Machina or Hotline Miami, all of them much more. frantic.

In Clid the Snail, however, we are faced with a much calmer pace and gameplay, with a more strategic tone in the combats and shootouts despite the fact that they are practically constant, except for certain sections of puzzles and skill challenges. As we progress through the story we will face tougher rivals, from slugs to moles, through all kinds of bugs and final bosses, much tougher than the rest, by the way. As a good snail, Clid’s control is more leisurely (without getting desperate), although he is able to sprint and roll on the ground as a dodge. The feeling at the controls is very peculiar and responds to a basic decision, although it may be shocking to a certain audience more used to much more agile formulas.


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