ClickBus and Buser offer free travel tickets after quarantine


ClickBus and Buser announced this week the creation of campaigns to connect people at the end of the isolation period against Covid-19. The applications, available for Android and iPhone (iOS), will offer free round trip tickets to more than 4 thousand destinations in the national territory. It is worth remembering that Buser suspended its operation during the pandemic period.

The actions, entitled “Aquele Abraço” and “Saudade de Você”, respectively, seek to encourage travel to the end of the quarantine, since the sector was one of the most affected by the pandemic, in addition to connecting friends and relatives who were removed due to isolation which was necessary during the new coronavirus pandemic.

ClickBus’s fund “Aquele Abraço” can be accessed through the electronic address ( The action will count on investments from the app, from bus companies and donations from customers. Through the website, registration can be made by those interested in winning tickets, in addition to the possibility of making donations.

The platform will also have a “hug counter”, with the number of people benefited from the initiative at the end of the quarantine, since, according to the company’s CEO Fernando Prado, the brand’s purpose is “to connect people to their destinations and fate , post-Covid-19, is the hug “. To register, just access the website and wait for the information in the coming weeks.

The “Saudade de Você” campaign, promoted by Buser, can be accessed through the website ( To participate in the initiative, it is necessary to make a quick registration on the platform with the phone number or e-mail, filling in some details of the person you miss, such as name and city.

After registering, the platform guarantees a trip to the destination when the service is normalized. According to information from Buser, as soon as the company returns to activities, it will send an e-mail or SMS with the necessary information for the ticket reservation to be made.


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