Clickbait: Netflix Series is Based On A True Story?


Netflix launched, yesterday (25), the suspense series on social networks Clickbait. The story chronicles the life of Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier), who is kidnapped, and his life comes to depend on an online game that involves viewings and likes. But is the macabre story based on facts?

After being kidnapped, Brewer appears in a video that goes viral on the internet holding a sign saying “I abuse women. With five million views, I die”. Afterwards, his sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) and wife (Sophie (Betty Gabriel) desperately try to find him.

The series’ cast also includes actors such as Phoenix Raei, Camaron Engels, Jaylin Fletcher, Ian Meadows, Elizabeth Alexander, Abraham Lim, Becca Lish, Salme Geransar, Jessica Collins and Emily Goddard.

After all, is the Clickbait story real?

According to co-creators Tony Ayres and Christian White, Clickbait is not based on any recorded event. However, they said that the script was based on some events of the scam called “catfish”, in which a person impersonates another on the internet.

“One [of these stories] was obviously catfishing, and we were particularly baffled and intrigued by the occurrences of women impersonating men,” Ayres told Variety.

“People can fall into these innocent looking rabbit holes, especially with the internet, especially now, and which trigger surprising and sometimes tragic consequences in the real world,” he added.

The co-creator also said that, in the internet age, “everyone has secret lives”. He said that, to make the series, they understood this social behavior that people hide some secrets and expose others and that, in the middle of it, there ends up being a certain “confusion” between the behaviors.

The series, which is now available on Netflix, has 8 episodes and each one is focused on a character to assemble the big puzzle. The episodes are called: The Sister, The Investigator, The Wife, The Mistress, The Reporter, The Brother, The Son, and The Answer.


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