Clickbait: 6 Series Similar to Netflix Production


Clickbait recently came to Netflix and has already got the public excited. The series begins with the kidnapping of a young man, Nick Brewer, who appears in a video with the following message: “with 5 million views, I die”.

The story unfolds on topics such as online identity, fraud and the quest for revenge, making each episode even more exciting than the next. So, when the marathon is over and you miss it, we’ve prepared a list with 6 series similar to Clickbait for you to watch next.

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6. Identity

Launched in 2010, the miniseries revolves around a police segment that deals specifically with crimes that involve identity fraud, that is, cases in which a person pretends to be someone he is not. The production focuses a lot on the psychological aspects, as it considers the reasons that led the person to pass for another person.

5. Ringer

Two twin sisters switch lives because one of them is going through problems and thinks the other’s reality is more peaceful, but ends up being surprised. She is thrown into a world of murder and mafia, trapped in a sequence of events even worse than the one she was running from.

Despite not having an online focus, this is one of the series similar to Clickbait for showing villains who stay hidden and generate a growing tension with the protagonist.

4. Gone for Good

The show, based on the book by Harlan Coben, focuses on the disappearance of Guillaume’s girlfriend and each episode focuses on a different character to explain what’s behind this mystery. It’s a network of events that starts long before the disappearance itself, so it’s necessary to go back decades in history to understand what happened.

A tense and deep narrative because it shows the perspective of multiple people.

3. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

An introverted kid starts selling drugs online to impress his schoolmates and somehow ends up managing a huge enterprise with a worldwide reach.

The great climax of the series is to see how Moritz, our protagonist, will manage to stay ahead of the authorities. This tension, together with the technological resources used to make the internet sales process clearer, makes this one of the most famous series today.

2. Black Mirror

The Netflix series is one of the biggest references nowadays when we talk about technology and the impacts caused by it. Although Black Mirror uses futuristic concepts, the proximity that the cases have to the present is frightening.

Just like Clickbait, there is this relationship with social networks and the dire consequences they can bring to our lives.

1. Orphan Black

Covering themes such as cloning and identity theft, the series, starring Tatiana Maslany, portrays technology and the impulses it arouses, often resulting in disastrous consequences.

There are also many moments of persecution and attempted murder as the story progresses, as the mysteries of dark organizations begin to unravel. A complex, tense and satisfying production from start to finish.