Clerks III and Kevin Smith talk about how the original version of the film failed


When Clerks III hits theaters next month, it will be an example of life imitating art. The story of the new Clerks will focus on Randal, one of the main characters of the previous films, who survived a heart attack, like Kevin Smith himself not so long ago. While Smith’s family doesn’t like it when he uses his heart attack for artistic inspiration, the director is apparently much more pleased with this plan for “Clerks III” than the one he started the project with.

Smith’s plans to move the third Clerk preceded his encounter with death, so the original plan of Clerks III was quite different, although he drew inspiration from other real-life events. Initially, “Clerks III” was supposed to be something like a direct sequel to “Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot”, since it will begin with the events at the beginning of this film, where everyone at the “Quick Stop” is arrested. Kevin Smith tells THR that while in prison, a real tragedy will happen that will greatly affect one of our heroes. Smith explains…

It opened in the evening after Hurricane Sandy. Dante and Randal were locked up in jail because the original version of Clerks III was the beginning of the “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”, when the cops come and arrest Jay and Silent Bob. They’ve all been arrested, there’s an interrogation scene, and someone comes in and says: “We have to get them out and put them in the cells because it’s coming.” I call him Sandy.” They are locked in a cell all night and they come out in the morning and find that the “Fast Stop” has been destroyed by the flood.

Randal would still be the de facto protagonist of Clerks III, as the destruction of Quick Stop would cause him a nervous breakdown. Unable to cope with all this, Randal went to the queue to watch the movie. The catch was that the movie he wanted to watch wasn’t supposed to be released for a year, so it would seem to hint at “Star Wars: Episode I — The Hidden Menace” and people who spent days and weeks sitting in long queues to buy tickets. Randal will just wait.

But he wouldn’t wait alone. Obviously, others will notice Randal sitting in line for the movie “Dangerous Ranger” and decide to join him. Over time, many more people become part of this queue of people who have decided to spend a year waiting for a movie. Smith continues…

The village grows up in the parking lot of the cinema. Randal builds a hinged version of Quick Stop, similar to the wine cellar version of the shack, and becomes the unofficial mayor of this city. It was a film about the struggle with grief.

Smith admits that this idea from “Clerks 3” is very different from the previous films, and he is, frankly, very glad that it was never implemented. Although the grief movie may not be that far off from what Smith is thinking at the moment, as he also wanted “Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot” to make viewers cry. In its own way, it seems that “Clerks 3” will still be a more emotional film than we expect.

Instead of hurricanes and nervous breakdowns and the end of Quick Stop, Clerks III will end, in its own way, where it all started, at the very Quick Stop. Randal, who survived a heart attack and came to realize that his life was basically meaningless, decides to make a movie, the same movie that we know Kevin Smith’s “Clerks”.


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