Cleo Pires reveals that she will never go crazy diets


Cleo Pires reveals that she will never go crazy diets. Recently, Cleo Pires revealed that she gained about 20 pounds because of a binge eating. However, contrary to what many people think, she’s fine, thank you, and warns: she won’t go crazy diets to fit anyone’s standard!

In an interview with Quem magazine, Cleo said: “I’m not desperate (to lose weight). I never want to go crazy diets anymore. I don’t want this thing of taking things, losing weight and then getting fat all over again, because that’s the story of I want to be healthy, be happy and go on my time I want to eat healthy things but things that I enjoy I want to be the way I always had It’s part of you getting used to you in a way is that people make you be something they’re used to. ”

The star also said that she feels privileged to be able to talk about it and help others: “I feel privileged, grateful to be able to deal with my problems constructively, to have support and to be able to exchange with people. ”

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