Cleaner fuel for planes is coming to Brazil this year


This week the first study of sustainable fuel emissions for commercial aircraft was launched. The research aims to understand the climate effects and impacts of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), a 100% sustainable fuel for aviation. It is expected that sustainable fuel will reach the Brazilian market later this year. The project is owned by Airbus, Rolls-Royce and fuel manufacturer Neste.

According to the director of the New Energy Program at Airbus, Steven Le Moing, the study should identify solutions to reduce the emission of pollutants on the planet. “Currently, airplanes can only operate with a maximum mixture of 50% SAF and fossil kerosene; this partnership will make it possible to understand how gas turbine engines work using 100% sustainable fuel “.

Turbine testing began this week at Airbus facilities in France. An A350-900 was used, with Rolls-Royce thrusters. The companies made the first flight to compare the SAF’s compatibility with an aircraft’s systems and tests were carried out to measure particulate emissions and determine the environmental impact.

Environmental impact

According to the vice president of NESTE in Europe, Jonathan Wood, the sustainable aviation fuel produced by the company reduces emissions of greenhouse gases by up to 80%, when compared to the use of fossil fuels.

The partnership between the three companies follows the pace of Boeing, which announced a commitment to make all its commercial planes adept at 100% sustainable fuels by 2030.

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