‘Clean Network’ moves from the USA against China


The Trump administration has launched a comprehensive program to remove Chinese companies that it sees as a threat from nationwide networks and digital services. The program called Clean Network puts telecommunication companies and application developers such as Alibaba, ZTE, Badiu, Huawei, Tencent in the mouth of the ball.

Clean Network program will disable China

The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the Clean Network program the other day, targeting Chinese telecommunications suppliers and application developers. The program, which aims to keep communist-led China out of the American technology infrastructure, thus aims to prevent Chinese companies from gathering intelligence on a hyper scale.

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In addition, the program includes the removal of Chinese applications that threaten privacy in the USA and claim to reproduce viruses and spread disinformation from phones and digital stores used in the country. Google and Apple seem to be the biggest obstacle to the Washington administration, which wants to implement the ‘Clean Store’ and ‘Clean Apps’ initiatives by removing such applications. It is thought that if two companies that have deep ties with Chinese software developers say yes to such a decision, a wide range of problems will arise.

It is claimed that America must have the support of at least 30 countries to implement the Clean Network program. Since the beginning of this year, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had voiced the harshest words in the government, which attempted to ban the applications such as TikTok and WeChat, transferring user data to China’s communist regime. In one of his latest statements, Pompeo used the words, “Building a clean castle around the data of our citizens will ensure the security of our nations.”

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The US government has multiple options to provide a clean communication network. Among the trusted telecommunication suppliers, the government, which marks Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung, has alternatives such as Orange, Telefonica, O2, SK Telecom.


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