Clayton Richard brings Susie Evans to his hometown after starting a cross-country trip: photo


A country romance! Clayton Echard finally brought his girlfriend Susie Evans home during their trip from Arizona to Virginia.

“I had to take Suze back to her hometown,” the 28—year-old bachelor from season 26 explained on Friday, April 15, in an Instagram Story video. “On the football field where it all started, baby! Oh, Eureka [High School] Wildcats! Never gets old, never gets old.”

Before the couple reached his hometown in Missouri on Friday, they began their first official trip from his primary residence in Scottsdale, Arizona, en route to her hometown in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“Our first stop on this cross—country journey is Moab, Utah,” the 28—year-old wedding videographer captioned the TikTok video hours earlier. In the montage clip, the couple sat in their car and kissed on camera before admiring the mountain sights along the way.

The former football player first got in touch with the Virginia native in the 26th season of the series “The Bachelor”, which aired earlier this year. Evans eventually left the show before the March finale after learning that Echard was close to both Gabby Windy and Rachel Recchia. The Mizzou University graduate later admitted that he was most interested in Evans, and sent 31-year-old Windy and 26-year-old Recchia home to revive their romance. (Windi and Recchia were appointed joint heroes of the 19th season of the series “Bachelorette Party”, which is currently being filmed.)

“We will give this every chance we can. We love each other. And at the moment we are both very, very happy. But relationships take effort. They are heavy at times. And that’s why we know that such moments are waiting for us ahead. There are never any guarantees in life, but at the same time I am incredibly happy to be with her. I’m so excited that I can just go out to dinner, go camping, do it all with her, travel.”

While the couple were blissfully making plans for the future, Echard became the subject of fraud charges earlier this month. TikTok user Sasha Narang said on April 9 that she contacted the former bachelor, who was still dating his final choice, after meeting at a bar in New York. The former orthopedic products sales representative and Evans categorically denied her claims, noting that he was at a gym in Arizona during the alleged meeting. (Narang has since apologized for her accusations, explaining that she did not meet with Echard, but posed as another person.)

“The people who make these false accusations should be held accountable,” Echard wrote in an Instagram Story at the time. “Trying to gain influence by destroying relationships is shameful and extremely immature.”

Scroll below to see more pictures from the bachelor couple’s trip:

On the field

Echard and Evans took a quick selfie in his old parking lot.

It’s good to be home

“Home 🙌 ,” the Bachelorette graduate signed an Instagram Story video on Friday, showing off his family’s backyard in Eureka, Missouri.

Everyone is delighted

The happy couple kissed during a walk through the Arches National Park in Utah.


“On the move”, – signed Echard selfie on Instagram with his girlfriend.