Clayton Echard and Susie Evans “finally” Reunited in Arizona After Fraud Allegations


It seems so nice! Clayton Echard and Suzy Evans have happily reunited in Scottsdale, Arizona, after denying TikTok user’s accusations of fraud.

“Three friends, Krusty Clay, Slim Sue and Nastya Nate, have finally united,” the 28—year-old former football player wrote on Instagram on Monday, April 11, referring to himself, 28-year-old Evans and his brother. Echard also shared several photos from the group’s outing, including one of him and his girlfriend hugging, smiling.

Evans, for her part, shared a picture of the former bachelor kissing her on the cheek, hugging her with his arms, in her Instagram story.

The couple’s posts on social networks appeared after accusations of fraud by a woman named Sasha Narang, who on Saturday, April 9, through TikTok said that the night before she contacted the former star of “The Bachelor” in New York. Although she initially did not name her affair—which she claimed was still in a relationship with his final choice — the TikTok user later stated in the comments to her post that it was Echard.

Later that evening, the Missouri native quickly denied the allegations in his Instagram story, saying that his iPhone settings showed that he was at the Mountainside Fitness Center in Arizona on Friday, April 8, when the alleged connection occurred. “I can’t even believe I’m talking about this, it’s ridiculous, but let’s make it as simple as possible,” Echard said in the video, adding in the caption that he wanted the people who “make these false accusations” to be held accountable. “Trying to gain influence by destroying relationships is embarrassing and extremely immature,” he wrote.

Although the social network user doubled down on his story, stating that “proof of a Bachelor is not proof,” Evans soon came to the defense of her beau. “Lmao, I know that this man adores me to hell. He would never. 💁 ❤️ ,” she commented on the @MorganPTalks post after the story was picked up by Bachelor Nation fan accounts. The Virginia native also shot her own video on TikTok on Sunday, April 10, sharing several “good old screenshots” proving Echard’s innocence.

“I FaceTime Clayton [on Friday] from California — he’s in Arizona — my call ended at 10 p.m. According to Pacific Standard Time, it will be about one o’clock in the morning Eastern standard time, and if he doesn’t have a spaceship, I don’t think he will be able to get there by 2 o’clock,” she explained then. “I FaceTime [Saturday morning] at 9:15, he was in the car with his brother and was on his way to play basketball. I was interrupting them, they were in Arizona and playing basketball.”

After watching surveillance videos from an apartment building she visited with a mysterious man, Narang publicly apologized to the couple for her false accusations. “I want to start by saying that I’m very sorry for Susie and Clayton. I had a sincere impression that I was with him,” she said in a three—minute video posted on Sunday. “I personally apologized to both of them. But obviously I owe them a public apology.”

Adding that she “didn’t want to cause this drama,” Naran continued: “I really thought I was with him. Everything I said in this video was clearly a bit impulsive. And I shouldn’t have been so pushy and just assumed it was true without investigating, maybe further. And it’s completely on me. And I was completely wrong there. I shouldn’t have handled it the way I did.”

“I hope to advertise as much as possible what we now know is true.” she said. “He uses girls pretending to be someone he is not, and I hope this will serve as a social advertisement to find out about this copycat and his intentions.”