Clay Thompson’s Reaction to Winning the NBA Goes Viral


Many athletes are speechless after high-profile victories in championships, such as yesterday’s NBA title for the Golden State Warriors.

Not Clay Thompson.

When the star offensive defender was called to the microphone for a post-match interview on center court, he reacted hilariously and stupidly to his fourth ring in the NBA.

“Holy cannoli, this is crazy.” he said.

This reaction is spreading in social networks.

Without a doubt, it was an incredible moment for Thompson. After all the brutal injuries and rehabilitation processes he has gone through over the past few years, he has become an integral part of his team’s fourth NBA title.

“Well, my older brother talked me out of the ledge a few times,” Thompson said in his post—match interview. “I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t do anything. I was immobilized. I’m such a sporty person, I like to be mobile. And he just told me, “Patience, patience. Everything will pay off.”

“I mean, there were a few dog days, a lot of tears were shed on the bench,” Thompson said. “Steph spoke to me correctly, Draymond, just leaned on those guys, Andre [Iguodala]. I’m just grateful to be here, man. This is crazy. I can’t even believe it.”

He didn’t exactly demonstrate the typical “Clay’s Game 6” that we know, but his presence was definitely felt in this finals series. He averaged 17.0 points in 38.3 minutes per game, including 25 points in the third game.