Claudia Black, from sci-fi queen to dubbing sorceress


Living legend of science fiction, Claudia Black has played ladies in video games who stand out for their strong personality.

The voice is one of the characteristics that gives the most authenticity to a virtual character. A good performance makes an avatar come to life and leaves an indelible mark on our memory. Thus, we remember ladies like Morrigan (Dragon Age), Chloe Frazer (Uncharted) or Samantha Byrne (Gears of War) not only for their imposing personality, but for how they fill the room with their presence and with a voice full of presence. . All these ladies have in common a voice actress with a long career in digital entertainment: Claudia Black, whose resume is almost as extensive as Troy Baker’s.

Queen of television science fiction

Of Jewish origin, Claudia Black was born in Sydney and studied at the Kambala Girls’ College. Her teacher had noticed the girl’s artistic talent and vocation, whom she introduced in her first castings, as Black recounted during a promotional interview for Farscape. “I don’t want to compare myself to people like Mozart or Beethoven, but I think that when you’re an artist you don’t wake up one day and say ‘okay, what do I do today? Do I build houses or do I become a composer? “I think there is something innate in you that you need to express.” Defining herself as “a lazy perfectionist”, Claudia declares that one of the reasons that led her to choose acting as a professional career was that she would force herself not to waste her colleagues’ time. In each of her roles, she seeks to give the best of herself, and her keen sense of humor is contagious in each of her public appearances.

After several amateur and semi-professional productions, Black built a generous television and film career, where she achieved stardom thanks to science fiction: it was Aeryn Sun in Farscape, for which she was awarded Best Actress at the Saturn Awards, to which she had been nominated on various occasions. She also played Vala Mal Doran in Stargate SG-1, with whom she shone on the big screen with the films of the aforementioned saga: The Ark of Truth and The Continuum.

Claudia’s face is no stranger to television, where she stood out for her voluminous jet hair – later dyed gold – and an attractiveness that had little to do with the canons of the moment: her long nose and hard features turned her into the ideal face to play tough and tough women, whom he made shine with his deep voice and strong Australian accent. She became a high school luxury on Australian series such as City Life and Country Practice. We also saw her on the big screen as Sharon Montgomery in Pitch Black; and as Pandora in The Queen of the Damned; and also in the Amazon High TV movie. She also participated as a guest in series such as Xena: The Warrior Princess, Moonlight or Police Rescue.

The After Dark program defined her as “a royalty of science fiction”, because of her memorable roles within the genre. Coming from theater and music, Claudia Black describes in the Farscape promotional interview how her agent led her to make commercials and from there she made the leap into television, as well as giving a European theatrical tour to interpret The Merchant of Venice. In science fiction, however, the actress found the perfect niche: “Although I have had very interesting roles before, I think that in science fiction it is the perfect terrain for very strong women.”


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