Claude, a funny message for the beginning of the 4 Earth


Claude has become an emblematic character of Koh-Lanta. He was proving his abilities in the latest iteration of the show even though he was not the winner. The adventurer thus became a leading character in the adventure game.

But this time around, he won’t be there. Claude Dartois will be remembered by all fans of the show. In none of the shows he won, but yet he becomes a star of the game because of his personality. At 39, the candidate has lost every time in the posts test.

But this time, Koh-Lanta will be done without him. In fact, the first episode of the season live from TF1 tonight. And this time the rules are changing. They will not be two teams but four to face each other. Funnier: the teams are divided according to where the candidates come from.

The theme is therefore on the 4 cardinal points. They will have to clash between South, North, East and West. Besides, Brittany was not happy. None of the western candidates came from this part of France. A shame for the inhabitants of the region.


But for the show’s launch, Claude decides to share a little message on his Instagram account. In the photo he is seen staring at a dot with a puzzled air. At his side we can see Jessica, Delphine, Ahmad and Charlotte.

He wrote in the caption: “Our heads when … tomorrow evening Koh-Lanta returns and we have not been called”. Claude laughs at the situation. Enough to laugh at his subscribers who are still disappointed not to find him again during this season.

But the young daddy has given enough! He is now looking after his little one and is resting after the grueling season last year. But what is certain is that the young man will follow the new season!


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