Classic PS1 Game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Released for Android and iOS


Konami’s beloved classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has arrived on Android and iOS. The game brings the story in the PS1 version to mobile devices with original music and visuals.

Konami has released Castlevania: Night of Symphony of the Night for Android and iOS. The beloved classic of PS1 has been moved to mobile platforms as a paid game with a few additional features.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night brings great music and visuals of the original game to mobile platforms. iOS and Android versions include a new feature with controller support that allows players to continue where they left off. In addition, various achievements have been added that you can unlock by overcoming difficult battles.

Castlevania: Night Symphony of Night was first released for PlayStation 1 in March 1997 and for Sega Saturn in June 1998. Then, in October 2007, the PSP version was released with Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles and the Xbox 360 version was released in March 2007. Finally, Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood arrived on the PlayStation 4 platform in October 2018.

In the mobile version of the classic console RPG, players will embark on an adventure as Alucard in the huge castle of Dracula, facing unique enemies and characters throughout their journey. They will also be able to play the game in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Spanish.


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