Classic File Manager Gets Version For Windows 11


Windows 11: Microsoft’s classic file manager, released in 1990, has gained a remodeled version that can be installed on Windows 10 and Windows 11. As TechRadar notes on Monday (17), the novelty works as an alternative to the latest versions of the operating system.

First used in Windows 3.0, the old software was the only file and folder management tool available for the Redmond company’s system until then. With it, the user could add, delete and rename, among other tasks, through an icon at the top of the screen or by clicking with the right mouse button on the selected item.

The ease of access to resources, in a few clicks, is one of the highlights, unlike the current Explorer in Windows 11, which requires opening other menus to access certain functions. The program also stands out for its tree layout, providing a broader overview of the contents stored on the computer.

There are even different viewing options, making it possible to see the files saved in a folder more clearly. Another attraction is the ease of navigation even with several windows open, all of which are shown inside the main screen of the program, instead of opening separate tabs.

Where to download

The updated version of WinFile was created by a team led by Microsoft Azure architect Craig Wittenberg, based on the source code made available in 2018. In addition to the old look and familiar functions, it includes some minor improvements, such as a renewed research.

The classic 1990s File Manager can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and also from GitHub for free. The program runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs.