“Classic” — Fans “Shoot Out of The Stomach” When a Video Surfaced of Kanye West Speaking Out Against George Bush During a Cyclone That Took Over The Internet


Apart from music, if Kanye West is known for anything, it’s his sense of humor. Last year, singer Donda caused havoc with his offensive comments. On the other hand, he always expressed his opinion, regardless of the place or situation. While some people criticize him, fans praise him for it.

Ye has been working in the entertainment industry for almost two decades. Back in 2009, he shamefully stopped Taylor Swift on stage to announce that Beyonce Knowles, not her Honored Artist of the Year. But even before that, he left everyone at a loss with a comment he made live on air when he helped with Hurricane Katrina.

Fans cheerfully comment on the video of Kanye West shadowing George Bush

Kanye West may have lost his billions of dollars because of his controversial statements, but history suggests that he never held back. Twitter users are reacting to a re-appeared video in which West suddenly utters a phrase that stunned the other two presenters. While Myers was reporting the situation, Ye suddenly said: “George Bush doesn’t care about blacks.”

Now Fans are taking a pretty funny journey down nostalgia, remembering the time they saw it on TV. One Twitter user commented that it seems funnier now than in the original time. At the same time, most call it West’s “classic” video. Some fans wonder how Mike Myers and Chris Tucker, who are comedians themselves, managed not to burst out laughing.

The hip-hop artist appeared at a telethon dedicated to Hurricane Katrina, and George Bush was then president. According to The Guardian, despite other issues, such as the September 11 terrorist attack, the former president mentioned it as the worst moment of all the others. At that time, Ye was also at the peak of his musical career. He eventually apologized for the comment about Bush.

On the other hand, one commentator pointed out that E is the very person who is now praising Hitler. While fans appreciated that he expressed his opinion about the hurricane situation, he was criticized for his anti-Semitic views and for comments against black civil rights activists such as Rosa Parks.

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