Clash Royale: How to earn Free Gems (without payment)


Clash Royale is a byproduct of Clash of Clans, and it has the same long waiting time for updates and progress. Even with such a long wait time, it seems that the large player base for mobile games like Clash Royale proves that players don’t mind too much. But since it takes days to open some chests in the real world, the use of gems is necessary to climb the stairs and get card upgrades.

Gems are the premium currency of Clash Royale. In other words, it is a currency used for more unique purchases, such as rare chests or emotions. Although gems can be purchased in bulk by simply paying for them, there are several ways to get them without having to invest real money. None of them is as effective as paying, but players will see a steady increase in their gems.

Unlike acquiring coins in Clash Royale, obtaining gems is a bit more difficult, but some methods are similar. One way to get gems is just to play and increase the trophies that the player has. The higher their trophies, the more rewards they receive and the better their chests become. Once players reach high levels of trophies, their rewards can amount to hundreds and hundreds of gems.

Where to earn Gems in Clash Royale

The store will also have a free chest, coins or gems every single day, so check if there is a good way to get extra gems without work. Another great way to earn gems is skill tests. Although some challenges are not available until players reach a certain level, the biggest rewards are paid for them. Clash Royale skill challenges have been added in a recent update and give players rewards for completing stages with their cards. Some give more than 300 gems for completing them, and although it takes time, players unlock these achievements just by playing the game.

There are other items that can complement gems in certain situations. Magic Key items can instantly open chests by themselves, so players can save their gems for other things in the store. The magic keys are unlocked as the season pass passes. Regardless of whether you buy it or not, the keys will be available. To get the most out of these keys, players must save them to open chests that take either 12 hours or a whole day. This way, players will be less tempted to spend their real money in Clash Royale.

Finally, there are a few things that players should use their gems for. Emotions are always a fun option, but the most practical use of them is to open the chests when they are almost ready and the players are about to start a new game. This way they can be sure that they will earn another chest if they win. Also, buying giant chests in the store menu will bring players really good rewards and upgrades, but keeping these chests until players get to a higher arena will mean they will have a better chance of getting more diverse cards.