Clash Royale: How to earn coins fast


Clash Royale is a spin—off of Supercell’s famous Clash Of Clans, in which players collect cards and use them to create the best decks to defeat their opponents. Since so many players have switched to mobile games for convenience reasons, such popularity of Clash Royale makes sense. With 107 cards to choose from, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, players must use their coins wisely to determine which ones are most worthy of their upgrade investment. Although it may seem slow, there are several ways to increase the amount of coins that players earn in Clash Royale.

It should be noted that players who are just starting out will only be able to unlock certain cards at the beginning, but as their trophies level up, they will be able to unlock more cards. Collecting more cards and creating a great deck in Clash Royale is important. And coins are needed to raise the level of these cards and achieve their highest potential.

Firstly, the most effective way to earn coins is to take advantage of skill tests in Clash Royale. This is a feature that was added relatively recently, and it’s a great way to earn coins just by playing. If there is ever a draft competition or a mirror battle event, it will allow players to experiment with cards they don’t normally use and perform more skill tests. Just by winning 5 games with a card, players can earn a thousand gold.

All ways to earn coins in Clash Royale

The next and easier way to earn coins is just to play and increase the trophies. After reaching certain stages, players will receive more and more coins. Joining a clan in Clash Royale as early as possible is always a good option. By donating cards that the player does not use, he gets more coins. And even better, when the new season comes out, the player will be able to earn 700 gold from each member of the clan who bought a new battle pass.

Players can also spend real money to earn coins in Clash Royale, like Pokemon Go, but the value is relatively small. Participation in the trials of events in the far right corner of the Clash Royale application will also bring a good profit. Some trials will pay out thousands and thousands of coins. However, some require up to 12 wins before the player loses 3 times, and some just let the player play as much as he likes until the task is completed.

Finally, players are advised NOT to exchange their gems for coins. The compromise has a very low value in terms of gems that the player has to give up in order to get coins. 60 gems for 1000 coins is just a bad deal. But there will always be daily free items in the store, which can be gems, coins or a chest, so players should definitely check for free items once a day. The best way to play mobile games like Clash Royale is to spend as little money as possible.