Clash Royale: Collecting the best decks with low elixir content


Clash Royale – an offshoot of Clash Of Clans from Supercell – is a game in which not only skillful execution, but also preliminary planning. Since mobile games like Clash Royale have such a large player base, there are currently no secrets about the “meta” decks in the game. These are the decks with the most utility and use in the current state of the game.

Decks with a low elixir level have been part of the Clash Royale meta for a long time, and therefore many types of decks with a low elixir level work very well. The two most famous decks are “2.6 Hog Cycle” and “Log bait”. Each deck has unique strengths, but both have a kind of formula that they follow so that players can use it in their own way.

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The name of the first deck, 2.6 Hog Cycle, speaks for itself. At its core, it is designed to quickly return to the card of the boar rider deck in order to exert constant pressure on the opponent. The deck consists of a cannon, a fireball, a log, an ice spirit, an ice golem, skeletons, a musketeer and a boar rider. Fortunately, it is not difficult to improve these cards for gold in Clash Royale, because only one of them is a legendary rarity, and the rest are rare and ordinary. So the best way to use this deck is to play the boar rider, allow the opponent to react using their strongest counter card, and then quickly return to the boar rider before the opponent prepares their counter card. And since this deck has some of the strongest and most versatile defenses in the game, it’s not that difficult to get back on the attack.

The Best 2.6 Hog Cycle Deck in Clash Royale

Another great deck with a low elixir level is the log bait deck. Using a large number of low-level elixir cards opposing the magazine forces opponents with expensive elixir decks to always be on their toes when choosing the best use of their spells. Using goblin barrel, goblin gang, ice spirit, knight, princess, log, rocket and hell tower, defense is second to none when combined with attack. Using a goblin barrel in an attack will most likely force the opponent to use arrows, a discharge, a log or something like that. Like the gems in Clash Royale, these cards are very valuable. Thus, when players play defense, they will almost always be able to play for the princess and the goblin gang without being immediately destroyed by one of these spells. If goblin barrels are constantly opposed, the missile can cause some damage to the tower.

Each of these decks is good at defense, but each follows a certain formula. Each has a building for protection, a spell for damage, a log (one of the best maps in the game), a mini tank, a “victory condition” and a cycle map. This means that since it has such a formula, it can be replaced with other cards, and it will still be effective. To clarify, the “victory conditions” cards are cards designed to damage towers, such as wall breakers, boar riders, barrels with skeletons and barrels with goblins. Mini tanks are ice golems and knights. Since these cards are easy to get, players won’t have to spend their real money in Clash Royale to collect these decks.

Applying this formula can make decks with a low elixir content effective, because they force the player’s opponent to evaluate every move and punish him for mistakes. Skeletal barrels can replace goblin barrels, and wall breakers can replace skeletal barrels. All this has a kind of formula, and it can be changed according to the needs of each player.


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