Claro’s broadband complaints soar 90%, reveals Anatel


Claro’s broadband complaints increased by 90% in the first half of this year, compared to the second half of 2019. It was the most expressive addition to Anatel’s periodic report.

As a whole, the fixed internet service had a 40% increase in complaints. The agency says the move is related to the adoption of the home office amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The document also included evaluations of cell phone services in postpaid and prepaid, landline and pay TV. Complaints were measured using the complaints index (IR) per thousand subscribers. The higher the score, the worse the performance of the provider.

In the fixed broadband category, Claro had more than 131 thousand documented cases in the first half of 2020 against 69 thousand in the previous semester, representing an IR of 8.89. The complaints were mainly related to the quality of service in March, a period in which many people started working from home.

Dissatisfied customers criticized the slow speed and reduced connection as the biggest problem. The lack of data connection and the charges that did not live up to the contracted plans were also targets of complaints by consumers.

Among the four best known operators, Claro was at the top with an increase of 90%, followed by TIM (33%), Vivo (10%) and Oi (5.3%). None of them registered a drop in this category.

Second, the prepaid telephone service had 228 thousand complaints of dissatisfaction. The category’s complaints represented an increase of 20% in relation to the previous semester and the main complaints were improper blocking, suspension and cancellation of the service.

Telephone operators also registered an increase in complaints in the prepaid service. Claro again led the ranking, marking 48%, followed by Vivo (18%), TIM (16%) and Oi (3.3%).


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