Claro 4G Modem: know prices and features


Claro offers mobile internet packages for those who need to browse inside and outside the home or even share mobile data with other devices. For this, the operator offers three different internet plans, which can be found from R $ 79.99 per month, according to the needs of each user.

The modem can be purchased through the Claro website itself, along with the plan subscription, or be purchased separately. Learn more about each operator’s plan.

On the Claro website it is possible to hire a mobile internet plan with the modem already included in the package. For this, in addition to the monthly installments, the consumer also pays for the modem, divided into 12 installments. After the end of this period, the customer becomes the owner of the equipment and no longer needs to return it, even if he cancels the plan.

The operator’s plans include modems, tablets, routers and pocket router (pocket router, in Portuguese), according to the amount of data contracted, which can be 20, 40 or 120 GB. In case the franchise ends, it is possible to hire additional data packages, which will be charged only on the next invoice. The packages are 300 Mega (R $ 11.99 per month), 500 MB (R $ 18.99 per month), 1 GB (R $ 29.99 per month) and 2 GB (R $ 49.99 per month).

Claro’s internet can reach up to 31.77 Mb / s (Megabits per second). For 4G downloads, the speed can reach 5 Mb / s. According to the operator, Claro’s internet covers almost the entire country. Check the available plans according to the data package.

20 GB + Modem
Claro’s 20 GB plan can be used individually (4G modem) or shared for up to eight people (4G Wi-Fi modem). To connect the modem, you need a USB port, which can be a computer, car, plug adapter, television, among others. This plan is also accompanied by Claro Vídeos and Claro Banca, which brings together several national magazines on the platform. When signing the package with the equipment, the customer receives a 4G WiFi Modem ZTE MF79S. Shipping is free.

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Plan: R $ 79.99 per month

Modem: R $ 20 for 12 months (R $ 240 in total)

40 GB + Pocket
In this plan, 40GB of internet are offered, indicated for home or business use. The device that comes with the plan is the ZTE Pocket WiFi Router, which needs an outlet to function. Just place an operator chip in the device and it will create a connection network for up to 32 devices. The plan is accompanied by Claro Vídeos, Claro Banca and Claro Skeelo, a digital reading platform.

Plan: R $ 99.99 per month

Router: R $ 25 for 12 months (R $ 300 in total)

120 GB + Router
This plan comes with a ZTE 4G MF253V Router, with greater distance range than the previous ones and offers 120 GB per month. The device is ideal for home and business use and has the ability to share internet at high speed. The plan is also accompanied by Claro Vídeos, Claro Banca and Claro Skeelo.

Plan: R $ 119.99 per month

Modem: R $ 30 for 12 months (R $ 360 in total)

According to the operator, at the moment the devices are not available on the website, only in physical stores. Therefore, it is possible to use your own modem and subscribe to plans that do not include the device, available for the same price mentioned above. In this case, Claro sends a chip to the consumer, who must insert it in the modem or router.

The device itself can be purchased in physical stores or online from R $ 39 for the 4G modem, R $ 179.99 for the 4G Wi-Fi modem and R $ 199 for routers. There is no restriction in relation to the modem, since the Claro chip works in any device.


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