Clarks presents a line of Pokemon-style shoes


The Pokemon Company is no stranger to collaborating with world-famous fashion brands. Over the years, the company has worked with various brands, releasing clothing and shoes under the Pokemon brand, from sportswear to casual wear. Pokemon clothing has become a key marketing focus of the brand along with its toys, plush toys and other items spawned by video games, anime and collectible card games. As part of the latest collaboration, the Pokemon brand will become a partner of one of the world’s oldest shoe companies for the production of shoes of various styles for children and adults.

The famous shoe brand Clarks has announced that it will start selling Pokemon shoes for both children and adults. Earlier this week, the company announced a partnership, and the shoes are now available on the Clarks website. The availability of Pokemon-branded children’s shoes is limited to the UK or European website, while adult shoes are apparently available on the US website and presumably worldwide.

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The Clarks Kids Pokemon collection is presented in 18 different styles. In the “School Shoes” category, there are only Pikachu and Pokemon logos in black, which should probably comply with the uniform policy of some British schools. Others mix more colorful drawings of Pikachu, Squirtle and Mutu for daily children’s sneakers for extracurricular activities. There is a list of black suede Wallabee boots for kids, but it is listed as soon and has no projected release date.

Adult shoes are Clarks Wallabee style shoes that have become a popular fashion style that other companies often imitate or modify with their own brand style. Clarks x Pokemon Wallabees suede boots have a Pikachu design: the signature yellow color of Pikachu and a black boot with a Pikachu image around it in a more cunning way thanks to the material. It is planned that in the future there will be another version of Wallabee boots, Wallabee Mist with a lower cutout at the ankle.

Adult shoes can be well combined both separately and as part of a larger Pokemon branded outfit with various items of clothing already offered by The Pokemon Company through Pokemon Center or other clothing partners. The Pokemon brand is strong, and the game with goods is stronger. Adding a new product line before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a cunning move on the part of the company seeking to capitalize on the expected hype around the game.


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