Clarke needs to make difficult decision with Madi


The final stretch of season 7 of The 100 has been filled with painful goodbyes with the deaths of several characters. This week, we were already prepared to say goodbye to one more of them, mainly due to events involving Murphy and Emori.

Check out the recap of the episode “The Dying of the Light”, the 15th and penultimate season 7 of The 100.

Muprhy leaves the rubble without getting hurt, however, Emori was not so lucky and is crossed by a metal bar. Jackson tried to do his best to keep her alive, however, he realized that in order to save Emori, he needed to find the Stone of Anomaly and take it to Sanctum as soon as possible.

The group managed to find the Stone, but faced some difficulty in being able to cross the barrier and reach the portal. They succeed and promise to return to help Miller.

Clarke realizes that Madi is acting as she did, trying to resolve everything on her own. She then decides to talk to Gaia about the complicated mother-daughter relationship.

Clarke still remembers that he killed Bellamy to save his daughter, not for her to surrender. “If I lose Madi too, I will have nothing.”

Levitt helps Clarke and Octavia

Levitt realized that Cadogan was willing to do whatever was necessary, even to put Madi’s life at risk, to explore his mind. He then deceives one of his Disciple friends and transports Clarke and Octavia to the Bard, but, unfortunately for them, they are transported directly in front of an armed group of Disciples. Levitt manages to save them in time while Sheidheda faces the Disciples.

Clarke’s difficult decision

Clarke finds Madi and finds out that he may have come too late to save his daughter. Madi was conscious and alive, but Levitt examines her and realizes that Madi’s brain stem had evidence of a stroke and that her brain was really damaged and that she was unable to move. Madi was trapped in her own body.

Clarke, realizing that there was nothing he could do to save Madi, had the terrible choice to end her suffering. She points a gun at her daughter’s head, but before Clarke fires, Octavia offers to pull the trigger. Octavia points the gun while humming an old familiar song.

Before she pulls the trigger, Levitt interrupts with other bad news. Cadogan had managed to extract the codes he sought from his brain.

Will Madi survive the Last War that we will have in the final episode of The 100?


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