Clara Morgane to sell her brand’s underwear


The beautiful Clara Morgane knows how to promote her lingerie! Indeed, all you need is a very nice shot and you’re done!

Clara Morgane doesn’t stop! Indeed, the model advertises her lingerie brand!

The beautiful blonde is on the move… She’s a real hard worker!

Indeed, between its cabaret, its brands, its shootings and its social networks, there is plenty to do! Piouf, she must be tired in the evening when she gets home!

However, it seems that Clara Morgane is very happy! If you have seen his interview on the Jarry Show, you will surely have noticed his joie de vivre!

Indeed, for four years, her daughter has filled her with happiness! And everything is rolling for the ex-pornstar!

Eh yes ! She takes charge and she has lots of plans… A busy life for a Clara Morgane who loves being overbooked!


Always very close to her community, Clara Morgane always reveals superb photos to them on Instagram! Enough to turn heads!

However, the policy of the social network does not allow him to post everything … Thus, nude photos can not have their place on his account …

The beauty still decided to share the result with her fans who must therefore go through MYM to see the exclusive shots! A good way to fight against censorship!

Yet even with all the publicity she’s doing about this account, it doesn’t seem to take much… Too bad!

On the other hand, for her lingerie brand, Clara Morgane is doing a great promotion which must have gone really well! Indeed, in the story, she shared a very beautiful red bodysuit which really makes you want …

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We therefore suspect that many fans will want to buy the pretty piece by clicking on the little “swipe up” at the bottom of the story… Maligne Clara!


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