Clara Morgane shows off in a casual look on Instagram!


For years, Clara Morgane has always made the buzz on social networks. Indeed, the young woman often poses with very sexy outfits on Instagram for example.

This Saturday, September 5, Clara Morgane shared a photo that did not fail to surprise her fans. The one who is used to appearing scantily clad or naked, opted for a simpler look.

In fact, Clara Morgane appeared wearing a white tee shirt with “Oh là, là” written on it, as well as simple jeans and colorful sneakers. She took the pose on a sublime armchair in a very classy place.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, the mother also wrote: “Would Emmanuelle be back? “. As a reminder, the young woman is actually called Emmanuelle Munos.


She may well decide to leave the name that made her known “Clara Morgane” and return to her origins. And therefore be called Emmanuelle Munos. His fans are eager to learn more about this turnaround.

With her shot, the singer still collected more than 15,500 “likes” in just five hours from her fans. In the comments, the latter did not hesitate to leave him nice messages.

Indeed, they also wrote: “You are beautiful. »,« You are much more beautiful. »,« Nice project! “,” What a gun. »,« Charming new Emmanuelle. “,” Lovely. “, ” You are very beautiful. “But also” Wow you are really lovely I love it “.

Another subscriber also added, “I don’t think Emmanuelle was ever gone. She has always been and will remain 2000% in Clara Morgane. We see Clara on the screen. But all the ideas come from Emmanuelle “.

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