Clara Morgane in her black lingerie on Instagram


On social networks, especially on Instagram, Clara Morgane very often reveals the photoshoots she has carried out. And the least we can say is that she often causes a sensation on the web.

This Sunday, August 23, Clara Morgane also posted a new photo on her Instagram account which did not fail to cause a sensation. Indeed, the young woman has unveiled another shot of her shooting.

Clara Morgane displayed herself in a very sensual position where she had fun with her shadow. She took the pose facing a wall, eyes closed. Dressed in a black lace bodysuit, she showed off her body.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, the singer also revealed the 3rd part of the poem that she really enjoys. As so often lately, she shared it with her fans.


Clara Morgane transcribed: “Initium (Part III). And since then, my thought – still – contemplates His evoked Splendor, in adoration. And in his Remembrance, as well as in a temple. My Love enters, full of superstition ”.

The dancer also added: “And I believe here comes the Passion. Paul Verlaine, Poèmes saturniens. Have a nice Sunday “. With her shot, she actually collected over 20,000 likes in just four hours from her fans.

In the comments, the latter again said they fell in love with her. It must be said that they 100% validate the series of his really sexy shoot on Instagram.

Underneath her photo, they also wrote: “Really beautiful, always so beautiful. »,« Hindu Goddess can be shiva. “, ” You are very elegant. “,” Pretty pose always sublime. “,” You are really lovely. “But also” Very graceful and pretty “.

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Pretty messages that are sure to please the pretty mom. It must be said that she always knows how to make the buzz on the social network!


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