Clara Morgane in Dance with the stars: she rocks what she hated!


Clara Morgane has just confessed her worst memories of Danse Avec Les Stars. Indeed, the pretty blonde explained what she hated during her stay on TF1. We tell you everything!

Clara Morgane does not have her tongue in her pocket. And when it comes to evoking his experience in DALS, the star is rather cash. Indeed, she recently questioned the voting system of the show. According to her, the paid SMS would not be entirely reliable. This statement has also created a lively controversy on the web.

But that’s not all ! Clara Morgane has made some amazing statements about the show. The latter was invited on the set of Je T’aime Etc on France 2. She then returned to her participation in the dance contest. The pretty blonde has talked about what she hated the most during the recording.

Against all odds, Clara Morgane admits her disappointment vis-à-vis the audience of Danse Avec Les Stars. And for good reason, they have blamed her past actress X. She explains: “it was actually on Twitter the big conversation. When I went to DALS at a prime time. Some thought: what do we say to our children when they ask us where it comes from?

Clara Morgane assumes her career. She defends herself then and then declares: “In reality, there are many possible answers and it is rather a question of adult that”. The star is struggling to accept some criticism. And his premature departure is clearly not past! Fortunately, the pretty blonde has rebounded after the show. Today, Clara has many projects. She has just released her sexy calendar. Not sure that the public forgets its past anytime soon! What do you think ?


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