Clara Morgane announces great news to her fans on Instagram!


Clara Morgane has announced great news to her fans! Indeed, the star has unveiled a new major project. We tell you everything!

Clara Morgane fans will be delighted! And for good reason: the star made his comeback on Instagram to announce good news. Quickly discover all the info!

Clara Morgane is very active on Instagram. Indeed, the young woman is used to sharing her daily life with her community. And they can no longer do without his shots!

Nevertheless, the star decided to take a few days away from social networks. The pretty blonde hasn’t posted anything on her profile for more than a week. A rather worrying absence for his admirers.

But may the fans be reassured! Clara Morgane was actually preparing a nice surprise. It has made a comeback to announce good news to its subscribers.

The former DALS candidate worked very hard on a project that is close to her heart. Indeed, the bomb has already prepared its calendar for the year 2021.

The top therefore shared behind the scenes of her new sexy shoot. She declares: “SHOOTING OF THE CALENDAR 2021: DONE ✔️ Released September 2020”.

Fans exploded with joy when they heard the good news. More than 15,000 of them like the publication of Clara Morgane. And they are already anxious to know more about this famous calendar.

“I can’t wait to see her”, “Great, you assure! We can’t wait to see your photos “,” Strongly September “,” Too great, you brightened my day “can we read among the reactions.

No doubt: Clara Morgane struck again with this announcement. It must be said that his calendar has now been unavoidable for several years.

Fans will need to be patient before discovering the star’s new photos, however. One thing is certain, however: his calendar is still hot! We can’t wait to find out more and you?


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