Clandestine Passenger: check out the movie trailer


Netflix released the trailer for its new sci-fi movie, Clandestine Passenger. The video features a group of scientists on a mission to Mars, having to deal with an unplanned presence that will put them in a moral dilemma. Check out the preview.

Netflix also released the official synopsis for the film: During a mission to Mars, an involuntary stowaway accidentally causes serious damage to the ship’s life support systems. With declining resources and faced with the possibility of a fatal outcome, the crew is forced to make an impossible decision.

The production was directed by Joe Penna, who also signs the script alongside Ryan Morrison. The cast features Anna Kendrick (The Perfect Choice), Shamier Anderson (The Weight of the Past), Toni Collette (I’m Thinking About Ending It All) and Daniel Dae Kim (Raya and the Last Dragon).

Clandestine Passenger hits the Netflix catalog on April 22.


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