Clairvoyant read horoscopes on Facebook


A subject identified as Luis Ángel “N”, a man who offered favors of clairvoyance, hososcopes and esotericism, was arrested for allegedly kidnapping the people he provided services to in the state of Veracruz, in Mexico.

Luis Ángel “N” and three other people were surprised in the municipality of Huatusco, aboard a taxi after having collected the ransom of one of his victims, they had given him almost $ 7,000 dollars (150 thousand pesos) to free a merchant.

The payment was delivered in the center of said city, in the area called Las Altas Montañas. In that place the alleged members of the gang were detained by elements of the Specialized Unit to Combat Kidnapping (UECS) and then transferred to the Amatlán de los Reyes prison.

According to the authorities, the Luis Ángel “N” gang deprived a 53-year-old man of his liberty on September 7, in a field dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables, in the neighboring municipality of Ixhuatlán del Café.

It was detailed that the victim had gone to supervise the harvest when he was kidnapped. The criminals would have used the same taxi in which they were arrested, to carry out the kidnapping, in which they escaped without leaving a trace.

The kidnappers contacted the victim’s family to demand the sum of more than $ 46,000 dollars (1 million pesos) in exchange for delivering him alive, an amount they could not get, so they managed to reduce to $ 7,000 dollars (150 thousand pesos ) delivered.

Ten days later the delivery of the money was agreed. Luis Ángel “N”, was the one who received the payment and later tried to escape with his accomplices in the same taxi, but was captured along with Angélica “N”, Iván “N” and José Ángel “N”, who will be presented before a control judge, accused of aggravated kidnapping, a crime that is served up to life imprisonment, according to the penal code of Veracruz.

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According to the investigations, the healer, who offered horoscopes and black prayers to his Facebook contacts, would also have used this information to hand it over to criminals and commit crimes.


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