Claire gets worse in every episode of the series


When you see the character of Caitriona Balfe in Outlander at the age of 25, you perceive a different woman. She is confident, successful, and very brave. Claire would also object when she needed it, if her family was in danger but she wasn’t always perfect:

His attidude

While many viewers understand Claire’s frustrations from being stoned 200 years in the past, her self-righteous attitude of hers has started to piss off Outlander fans in the wrong way.

Throughout Outlander she was seen laughing at Laoghaire (Nell Hudson) for his request for a love potion or when she poked fun at Jamie (Sam Heughan) beliefs by showing that Claire’s self-righteous attitude sometimes turns out a bit condescending.

The great secrets that she kept

Of all the Outlander characters, Claire is the one who tends to keep secrets. It’s understandable that she kept Jamie a big secret about her origins. However, once she told him the truth, she led viewers to believe that they were being honest with each other.

But it wasn’t, Claire kept Randall’s survival a secret and also refused to reveal the identity of Brianna’s attacker. If she expects Jamie to be honest, maybe she should start being outspoken on Outlander as well.

Her actions

Another aspect of Claire’s personality that has gradually worsened over time is her inability to see the consequences of her actions. As many fans know of her, Claire has had hers of her own hidden agendas that have affected those around her in Outlander.

Despite agreeing to try again with Frank, her inability to let Jamie go ended up testing her marriage. Even her decision to keep the assault a secret from Brianna (Sophie Skelton) ended up having consequences on Outlander.

She maybe she should start thinking about things before acting in Outlander. She might not be the best main character in the series but she has shown that perfection is not something that exists neither in an ancient time nor today.


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