Claims when you resell 104,000 iPhones for recycling


The current speed with which devices such as mobiles or smart watches are updated is basically 1 year. This, together with the defective or broken items beyond repair, generate an amount of material that must be recycled to take advantage of its elements and manufacture the next generation of mobile phones and wearables. But apparently someone in Canada has had very long hands.

Apple sues GEEP Canada

GEEP Canada is one of those electronic device manufacturer partner companies dealing with the recycling part. All iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watchs that are marked for disassembly and recycling are sent by Apple to GEEP Canada, which takes care of recycling. But this company was just sued by Apple.

In its complaint, the electronics giant accuses GEEP Canada of having “allegedly” stolen “at least 11,766 pounds of Apple devices” that apparently “left the GEEP facilities without having been destroyed, a fact that GEEP itself confirms” . In other words, GEEP has stolen 5.3 tons of equipment from Apple, has lied to it and on top of it has profited at its expense.

18% of Apple devices

Between January 2015 and December 2017, Apple shipped around 500,000 iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches to GEEP Canada facilities for recycling. Of this amount, Apple discovered in an audit that 18% of the devices were still in operation and that they accessed the Internet through online networks -in fact the percentage may be higher-, which did not add up: those devices should have been destroyed. Why were they working instead?

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The answer is simple: Because in GEEP Canada someone sold up to 103,845 Apple phones, watches and tablets that should have been recycled. Therefore, those in Cupertino are asking for financial compensation of 31 million Canadian dollars, about 23 million in American dollars and almost 20 million in euros.

A thief in the company

And what does GEEP Canada hold? Well, the company does not deny what happened, but says that it was not them, but that there is a thief among its employees. In fact GEEP is supposed to have filed a third party lawsuit against three employees who could


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