Claims that Bruce Willis “Sold his Face to Deepfake” are Dismissed


A statement was made about the accusations of Bruce Willis in a deal with Deepfake that appeared the other day. The manager of the famous Hollywood star denied reports that Willis sold his face to Deepfake.

With the development of artificial intelligence today, even fake human faces and voices can be created, and areas such as deepfake can have both positive and negative consequences. We have also discussed many times how deepfakes and fake faces can be used for malicious purposes.

The other day, a big lawsuit about artificial intelligence technology from Hollywood was heard. Allegedly; Bruce Willis, a world cinema star who recently retired, became the first actor to approve the use of his face in a digital environment.

Claims that Willis allowed his face to be used digitally have been refuted.

According to the information shared by The Telegraph; Willis has agreed with the company producing the dipfakes on the rights of his “digital twin”. However, the manager of the famous actor said that there is no such agreement only because he was ill last year, his face was digitally filmed and used in a commercial. You can watch the commercial in the video below.

The company that allegedly agreed on the statement of Bruce Willis’ manager said that the widespread news was distorted, and that the actor could not sell the rights to anyone in any way. With this sad news, we saw how dangerous and illegal the deepfakes technology is.

What do you think? Do you think there will be new laws on deepfakes technology in the future? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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