Claims that Back 4 Blood will not be a copy of Left 4 Dead


Through a video posted on the official channel of Turtle Rock Studios, developers of Back 4 Blood shared a little more of their vision about the game in order to explain the main differences between multiplayer and its “spiritual predecessor” Left 4 Dead.

According to Phil Cobb, founder of the studio, the idea behind Back 4 Blood is to rescue the elements that made Left 4 Dead extremely fun for the community, but with modern technologies and cutting-edge graphics capable of redefining the genre and creating an experience with “high replayability”. Thus, the title would be something much more than a copy of its “predecessor”, bringing news that will certainly please fans.

In Back 4 Blood, zombies will be divided into classes, each with its own characteristics that set them apart from the endless hordes. Thus, it will be possible to identify common undead, known only for making volume and keeping frantic gambling, the Hockers, monsters with parkour skills and fast movement, the huge Ogres, which should be eliminated through their weak points, the Bruisers, giants that are one of the main novelties in the game, and the retches vomiters.

However, one of the biggest highlights is due to the card system in the game, introduced in the lobby of the match organization. With the new mechanics, players will suffer environmental punishment and in many other ways through corruption, and will have to devise inventory strategies, tasks and much more in order to get around adversity.

Back 4 Blood will be released on June 22, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.

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