Claiming Samsung Is Developing a Blockchain-Based App


Technology giant Samsung is developing a blockchain-based photo sharing application, according to a website report. It is also among the shared details that this developed application will be released with the new phone series that Samsung will launch.

Blockchain technology, once again, seems to enter human life integrated into a phone application. According to the information obtained from the website named SamMobile, technology giant Samsung will use blockchain technology in its new photo sharing application.

Photos can be deleted permanently

Although there is no official statement from Samsung itself yet, according to the details of the source, the application will be named Private Share. With Private Share, users will have various abilities to prevent the sent file from being misused by the recipients.

For this, both parties need to communicate using the application. The user who shares a photo through the application will be able to be sure who opened the photo specifically. It is also among the details that the user can set an expiry date for the file when sending the photo or permanently delete the photo.

Especially in the past 6-7 years, with the Snapchat application, which peaked in popularity for a period, photo sharing habits had changed significantly. The application, which is expected to be released as Private Share, resembles Snapchat, thanks to the features explained in details. Another example of this is the possibility that the Private Share application will come out protected against screenshot / video methods.

There is no statement from the giant company about the name and date of publication of the application yet. However, the source of the news predicts that Samsung will release the app with its new flagship phones and then bring it to relatively older devices.

Cryptocurrency wallet integration to devices

The fact that Samsung is developing technologies focused on providing privacy solutions is not a new fact. The giant company has integrated crypto money wallets into its most technological devices since the Galaxy S10. It is also known that Samsung has partnered with several blockchain projects such as Gemini and Tron.


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