A Claim Has Been Made That Snapdragon 865 + Will Be Announced Soon


It has been claimed that Snapdragon 865 +, which has been mentioned in various rumors for a long time but has not yet come across, will be announced soon. Rumor has it that Qualcomm’s processor will run the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Qualcomm’s new processor Snapdragon 865+, which has been on the agenda for a long time, is going to be announced soon. A number of rumors about the new chipset have been on the agenda for some time, but no concrete evidence has been revealed. Now, if the news is correct, we have reliable information.

According to Twitter posts by Ice Universe, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s processor will be Snapdragon 865+. If this is the case, we can say that Snapdragon 865 + is less than released. Ice Universe is generally known to be a hit when it comes to leaks, so we have a reasonable reason to believe it. Although Ice Universe gave information about the new device, it did not elaborate on the new chipset. However, whatever Snapdragon 855 + has over the Snapdragon 855, we can think that the new chipset will have the advantage over Snapdragon 865.

What can be the features of Snapdragon 865 +?

In other words, the Snapdragon 865+ will likely promise a higher operating speed than the previous processor. Beyond that, perhaps there may be other advantages, including playing games. Also, it should not be considered that there will be a huge difference between Snapdragon 865+ and Snapdragon 865.

Both chipsets are considered Qualcomm’s flagship products. On the other hand, it’s not hard to guess that smartphone makers will prefer this new chipset as soon as Snapdragon 865+ becomes available. One interesting point is whether the Snapdragon 865 + will be used without a 5G modem. Still, if we consider that the Snapdragon 865 does not work this way, we can think that the Snapdragon 865 + will continue the same way.

However, if the 5G modem doesn’t become an essential part of the set, we can expect the Snapdragon 865 + to be more economical than the Snapdragon 865. In this case, the price of the smartphone will also be affected. Qualcomm has forced smartphone manufacturers to 5G this year, along with Snapdragon 865, including a 5G modem. For example, the Snapdragon 765 came in two variants. One of them was 5G model and the other one was supplied without this modem.

On the other hand, 5G is not where it should be right now. Therefore, purchasing a phone for 5G does not make sense for most people today.


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