Claim: Galaxy Note 20 Plus in performance test!


After Samsung introduced the S20 family in the past months, it was time for the Note family. While the curious wait for the Galaxy Note 20 continues, an interesting leak has emerged regarding the performance of the Galaxy Note 20 Plus with 5G support. The leak claims that the phone has entered the Geekbench test.

Did the Galaxy Note 20 Plus with 5G support go into the performance test?
Leaks related to the newest model of the Note family continue to come. The smartphone family will make an ambitious entry into the market. We also understand this from the resulting performance test leak. Allegedly, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus entered the performance test with the model number SM-N986U. This phone managed to get 985 points in a single core and 3,220 points in a multi-core.

When we look at the details about the Galaxy Note 20 Plus features that have appeared previously, the phone is claimed to get power from a new processor called Snapdragon 865 Plus. There is a curious wait on the RAM side of the phone. The Galaxy S20 family appeared with a 4G LTE connection and 8 GB RAM option. What to choose in the Note 20 family is currently unknown.

In terms of design, the expectations are that it will come with angular lines like the S20 series. Of course, S-Pen details should not be forgotten. The characteristic feature of the Note family S-Pen will differentiate the Note 20 family.

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