Claim: Binance Launches Its Debit Card

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, may soon launch its own debit card, according to a claim by The Block. Binance has even created an official website on this subject, according to information reported by a source close to the Binance cryptocurrency platform.

When you enter the relevant website, it can be seen that a debit card with Binance logo and Visa is created or at least introduced. The statement made by Binance states that with this card, it is possible to shop with cryptocurrencies in all VISA stores worldwide.

It appears that the website belongs to Moon Tech Pty Ltd, which is of Australian origin and has been active since February 22. WHOIS data shows that the site was registered on January 22.

There is no verification from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange according to the press time and it is not known whether the card will actually be released by Binance. This may also be an attempt to deceive people, and Binance’s verification is important in this regard.

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