Claim: Ariana Grande Made Pete Davidson Famous


In an interview on YouTube, Pete Davidson revealed one of these associations and the results he was still discussing with him. And he’s not very good at it.

Some might say Pete Davidson is somewhat of a mess. He’s definitely had his share of popularity, as one of the youngest members ever cast on Saturday Night Live.

Pete abruptly surpasses his former Ariana Grande, while discussing his feelings towards the paparazzi.

Yet, despite Pete’s current stinks, he’s confessed he doesn’t have anything against the Singer of the Rings and also plans to continue to keep things light. Ever since separating from Ariana, Pete dated actress Kate Beckinsale and version Kaia Gerber, while Ariana recently awakened with societal home star Mickey Foster.

Hot tаkes on ‘Hot Ones’
Evаns аsked Dаvidson how he feels аbout being followed by the pаpаrаzzi, аnd Dаvidson didn’t hold bаck.

He instantly said the presence of the paparazzi in his life was “very irritating,” and he was not stopping there. He apparently feels the problem is all the fault of his ex-girlfriend. “And he made me all popular and stuff like Ariana Grande,” he said. “She put the wolf on me! She made me and she created me.’


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