Claim: Apple to Sell Gaming Computers in 2020


Claim: Apple to Sell Gaming Computers in 2020. Apple may be planning to launch a Mac-only gaming platform for gaming, after e-sports have grown dramatically over the past few years.

It is a known fact that Apple’s Mac computers are not designed specifically for gamers. Some of the Mac computers have software that provides gaming support, but Apple’s main target for Mac computers is professional users. But this situation may change soon. New information indicates that Apple is working on a Mac designed exclusively for games. The Mac, which is scheduled to be launched in 2020, can open new doors for gamers if the price is right.

Gaming Mac may have a $ 5,000 price tag:

One of the recent developments on Apple’s agenda was the claim that it developed a Mac computer “dedicated to games only”. The preliminary information suggests that Apple’s new Mac gaming computer will have a $ 5,000 price tag. With this project, Apple will present a computer that has stepped into the gaming platform for the first time. It is not yet known whether the new computer is a desktop or a high-performance MacBook Pro. But preliminary estimates suggest that Apple is currently focusing on a desktop computer.

Unfortunately, the accuracy of these rumors is not yet known. But considering the development of e-sports in recent years and the financial income that Apple can earn if it enters this platform, this project does not seem far.

Apple recently introduced a new subscription option for Arcade.

Apple recently decided to be among the companies that use the subscription system. In order to benefit from the game subscription service, which is one of the platforms created by Apple in this direction, US $ 4.99 per month. To offer users an easier gaming experience, Apple has decided to expand its subscription options.

Appleā€™s new subscription option gives people who purchase an annual subscription a 10-month fee to benefit from Apple Arcade for 12 months.

Apple created this new subscription option for Arcade game lovers will meet in Turkey when unknown. Apple is expected to make a statement in the coming days.

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