CIX Announces Comeback Schedule for June


CIX will also enliven a comeback schedule in the South Korean music industry in June. Right on Monday (01/06), CIX released the schedule for the release of their newest teaser and mini album entitled ‘HELLO Chapter 3. Hello, Strange Time’.

Before releasing their third mini album and their latest music video on June 30, 2020, CIX will first release various teasers.

A group teaser photo will be released on June 3, then a song list on June 4, followed by individual teaser photos on June 8 to 12, first music video teaser on June 13, concept video on June 15 to 19, album preview on June 24, to the second music video teaser on June 26.

This will be CIX’s next comeback since its debut in July 2019 and the last comeback with the mini album ‘HELLO Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place’ in November 2019.


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