Civilization VI comes to Android: 60 free turns


Aspyr Media launches the celebrated strategy video game on Google Play after its launch on iOS with a trial version and subsequent purchase option.

Civilization VI, the celebrated strategy video game from Firaxis Games and 2K Games continues to expand its availability on all kinds of platforms with its arrival on Android devices after its launch on iPad in 2017 and iPhone in 2018, in addition to the PC versions, the original of 2016, Nintendo Switch in 2018 and last year both on PS4 and Xbox One. And it does so as in its version of the App Store, that is, as a trial version with 60 free turns and its subsequent option to purchase the complete base game for 21.99 euros.

Civ 6 now available on Android phones and tablets

This has been announced by Aspyr Media, responsible for the mobile port, a version that remains practically the same as the original desktop versions with its corresponding adaptation to the touch format. In addition, those who want to continue expanding the experience of Civ 6 on Android phones and tablets, also have at their disposal the two original expansions of the game with Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm.

To enjoy Civilization VI on mobile phones we will need a lot of storage space, specifically 4.21 GB, more if we get the two optional expansions in addition to the different content packs with new challenges and new leaders; downloading over a WiFi connection is recommended.

Veteran players have new ways to build and improve their civilization to have a better chance of success. The new tutorial systems help players to understand the basics so they can get started easily ”, we can read in his description of Google Play. Do not miss our original analyzes of the different versions of Civilization VI, be it PC, iPad, PS4 and Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, each with its own peculiarities.


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