Civilization Series Creator Returns with Two New FPS Games


A well-established video game developer named MicroProse is getting ready to come up with two new FPS games. One of these games will appear completely free of charge. The second game will be paid and will take us to the front lines of the Second World War. This game, Warfare 1944, will be available on Steam on July 7.

MicroProse, one of the rooted names in the video game industry, has announced that it is working on two new games, although its name is no longer seen in the headlines. Sharing an agreement with Drakeling Labs with the public, the company has announced that it will launch two new first-person shooter (FPS) games in the coming periods. These games are; It is named “Operation: Harsh Doorstop” and “Warfare 1944”.

In fact, MicroProse is today the ancestor of various popular productions that have driven millions of players. MicroPros, the developer of the real-time strategy game that we know by the name “Civilization”, was not much mentioned by itself after it was acquired by Infogrames Entertainment in 2001.

What are the new games of MicroProse?

The first of the FPS games that MicroProse is about to release is Operation: Harsh Doorstop. This game is actually a community project. This game, which will be offered completely free, will not include any purchases. Operation: Harsh Doorstop, which will be a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, will face two opposing teams. Players will try to beat the opponent by communicating with their teammates. Players will have dozens of different weapons and equipment in this game.

MicroProse’s second FPS game, called Warfare 1944, is World War II themed. Featuring the Unreal Engine 4 engine, the game will take gamers to the forefront of World War II. Players will have to make a tough victory for their team by making smart decisions in this game.

The company did not elaborate on Operation: Harsh Doorstop, but Warfare 1944 will be with us shortly. According to the MicroProse officials, this WWII-themed game will be available on Steam as of July 7. Players will be able to access Warfare 1944 for a period of early access. The price of Warfare 1944 will be unknown at the moment.


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