The civic service offers missions that are attracting more and more young people!


Civic service is increasingly popular with young people. In recent years, the number of participants has greatly increased.

For years, civic service has delighted young people! Victim of its success, more and more people are launching to be part of this project!

Civic service has been a real success for years. Indeed, according to the service agency, participation in these missions would have increased by almost 14% in 2018. Thus, the figures went as far as to indicate that more than 140,000 people had joined these actions a year ago . And this, for a period ranging from 6 to 12 months. A positive increase which proves that citizen engagement is still as strong.

The civic service was created by the law of March 10, 2010 by Martin Hirsch. According to the definition given by Wikipedia, the latter aims to: “Strengthen national cohesion and promote social mix.” Today, more than 43% of students are increasingly wanting to be part of the adventure . And if it appeals so much, it is because it combines the useful with the pleasant. Indeed, the latter can have a direct link with guidance.

“Like their European neighbors, young French people are more and more likely to have recourse to a year of caesura during their school education”, indicates the Agence du service civique. In fact, the implementation of this device can have a link with their future and guide students towards their future. Thus, there are more than 11,000 approved organizations ready to open their doors.

Among them, associations, federations or unions have more than 62% of participants. The rest of the structures have around 30% young people. And that’s not all ! The latter can also join the “Volont’R” program “aimed at mobilizing 1,500 young people in Civic Service for refugees, while offering 500 young refugees the possibility of carrying out a Civic Service mission suited to their situation. “


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