City of God: Alice Braga Talks About The Film’s Relevance 20 Years Later


City of God: In 2021, the film City of God complete 20 years of its release. One of the most important productions in Brazil, the film had in its main cast actors with little experience or without any kind of previous contact with acting. And one of the people involved has a lot to thank for this opportunity.

Alice Braga now has major productions under her belt, such as Eu Sou a Lenda, Elysium and O Esquadrão Suicida. However, as she recalled during an interview with Slash Film, it all started with City of God.

“It was fantastic!” commented the actress. “I was 18. I was a senior in high school. Can you imagine? It was magical.”

Braga also highlighted the relevance of the film, which remains current, and how it influenced a generation of new filmmakers.

“We filmed Cidade de Deus in July 2001,” recalled Braga. “I think it’s a movie that broke a barrier. The film has not aged, and the film is still a reference. I find it so beautiful and powerful. For me, it was life changing, even though it’s a small character. It was my first film, it was my first experience with acting in a feature film.”

“It was always special because of that, because it was my first performance in a feature,” continued the actress. lots of young people watching movies all over the world for inspiration. To tell your own stories, and to tell your own stories from different perspectives that have never been done before. So if you live anywhere on the planet, go and get your camera, make your film and with your perspective, because there is no right or wrong perspective. And I think City of God brought that. For me as an actress, it brought me a lot”.


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