Citroën Unveils a Hydrogen-Powered Van With 400 Km of Autonomy


Citroën: French company Citroën announced the ë-Jumpy Hydrogen, the brand’s first electric van powered by hydrogen cells. Developed to transport light loads, the model stands out for offering around 400 km of autonomy.

The vehicle uses a 4.4 kg hydrogen tank combined with a 10.5 kWh battery. While the fuel cell provides continuous power, the battery is activated when there is a need for extra charging in the short term.

According to the brand, hydrogen technology meets the needs of companies that travel long distances or do not have time to recharge their batteries during the day. Therefore, ë-Jumpy Hydrogen has the advantage of filling the tank in 3 minutes.

What’s more, the battery is charged using electricity generated by the hydrogen cells and recovers energy during the van’s deceleration. Drivers can also charge at stations, but the process takes an average of 60 minutes.

The Citroën ë-Jumpy Hydrogen will have two versions: the M model has a load space of 4.95 cubic meters and the XL has 5.30 cubic meters. Furthermore, both support up to 1100 kg.

Fully electrified fleet

The ë-Jumpy Hydrogen van will be launched in the last quarter of this year in Europe. The first models will be manufactured in Valenciennes, France, before starting production at the Stellantis facility in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

The German space is known as the “Hydrogen Competence Center” of the automotive group. The sister vehicles Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen and Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen are also produced there.

Finally, Citroën also revealed that the entire line of light commercial vehicles will be electrified in 2021. Thus, the automaker plans to launch the electric versions of the ë-Berlingo Van and My Ami Cargo also in the second half.


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